I. address ad‧dress 1 [əˈdres ǁ əˈdres, ˈædres] noun [countable]
the number of the building and the name of the street and town etc where someone lives or works, especially when written on a letter or package:

• I wrote the wrong address on the envelope.

• Please notify us of any change of address.

accommoˈdation adˌdress
an address that is used by people to receive letters, packages etc, that is not the place where they live
ˈemail adˌdress COMPUTING
a name you use for sending and receiving emails:

• You will be prompted to enter your email address as the password.

ˈforwarding adˌdress
an address showing the place where you live now, which you leave at the place you used to live so that people can send mail on to you
ˈmemory adˌdress
COMPUTING a number that shows where a piece of information is stored in a computer's memory
ˈweb adˌdress
COMPUTING the address of a website on the Internet; = URL:

• What's the company's web address?

— see also form of address
  [m0] II. address ad‧dress 2 [əˈdres] verb [transitive]
1. to write on an envelope, package etc the name of the person you are sending it to:

• If you address the letter, I'll mail it to you.

address something to somebody

• The letter is addressed to you, not me.

2. address a meeting/​conference etc to make a speech to a large group of people:

• The meeting was addressed by Senator Howard.

3. COMMERCE formal to discuss, think about, or do something about a particular problem or question, especially with the aim of solving a problem:

• This use of technology has enabled NatWest to address a problem facing many businesses across the UK.

* * *

address UK US /əˈdres/ US  /ˈædres/ noun [C]
a building number, name of the road, etc. where you live, where an organization has an office, or where mail is sent: »

Please send your application to the address below.


What is your full address?


a business/home address


Taxpayers who have moved should make certain they file a change of address with the U.S. Postal Service.

See also ACCOMMODATION ADDRESS(Cf. ↑accommodation address), FORWARDING ADDRESS(Cf. ↑forwarding address)
(also email address) the words and symbols that you type in order to send an email to a particular person. It usually consists of a person's name, an \@ sign, the name of a company or school, and sometimes an abbreviation for a country: »

I sent the email to the wrong address.


What's your email address?

(also web address) INTERNET the words and symbols that you type to look at a particular website: »

How much web information could be captured: just the overall address or a list of each document viewed?

IT MEMORY ADDRESS(Cf. ↑memory address)
COMMUNICATIONS a formal speech: in an address to sb/sth »

'I can only see continued growth ahead of us,' the Chairman said in an address to analysts and money managers.

See also ACCOMMODATION ADDRESS(Cf. ↑accommodation address), FORWARDING ADDRESS(Cf. ↑forwarding address)
address UK US /əˈdres/ verb [T]
[usually passive] to write an address on an envelope or package so it can be sent to the person who has that address: be addressed to sb/sth »

Make sure that your package is addressed to the correct department.


a stamped addressed envelope

to speak to a group of people, especially in a meeting or formal event: »

He addressed a group of forty industrialists and politicians.

to speak to someone in a particular way or using a particular name: address sb as sth »

She addressed him as Mr Clifford.

to deal with a particular problem or need: »

It is time to address the budget deficit.

address a problem/issue »

How does the organization address the problems identified?

address a need »

He was impressed with the business plan because it addressed a real need.

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